Step 8 - Personal development (part 1)

As a human being you develop in cycles of 7 years and so you are now in a developmental phase. We provide an explanation from the age of 28.

Stage 3: 28 - 35 years of age Insight

Your personality becomes clear and steadfast: ‘I know who I am, what I am coming to do, only you may not always know how yet.

Phase 4: 35 - 42 years Unfolding

The purpose in your life becomes apparent with special attention to the period around your lunar node at 37 years, 2 months and 18 days. You know how to respond and thrive in the world. You may want to “purify” yourself and make a fresh start.

Stage 5: 42 - 49 years Uniqueness

You have formed your own path in life, the path is clear. This phase leads to satisfaction and peace or the opposite, then you review your own attitude and make a U-turn.

Stage 6: 49 - 56 years Overview

At this stage, you can take on more responsibility in a positive sense. A form of mentoring and service can emerge. You pass on your knowledge and experience. In a negative sense, you are stuck in phase 5.

Stage 7: Age 56 - 63 Intuition

Your spiritual experience is allowed to break through without shame or concealment. In a positive sense the previous phase becomes clearer to you. In a negative sense, you feel separated and a fear of death may arise. If you find no peace in a religion to be allowed to die peacefully, then the book ‘The fairy tale of death’ can give you peace.

Stage 8: 63 years - Preparation

In this phase up to death you are preparing for the life after death. In a positive sense, you have absorbed the experiences of this life in full responsibility within yourself. You radiate love and wisdom, you are milder. In a negative sense, you develop rigidity, fear and a sense of meaninglessness and emptiness, resulting in bitterness.

Age difference in the relationship

When partners are about the same age they develop, if they are open to it, at a parallel pace. Both are growing together. When one partner’s growth lags, you run the risk of growing apart.
When there is an age difference of 5 years or more, it can lead to an interesting dynamic.


  • Take time to reflect on where you and your partner stand in your personal development. 
  • Write down your thoughts about the impact on your relationship of the age stage you and your partner are in.
  • Lead time: at least 1 week.
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