Frequently asked QUESTIONS

Frequently asked questions

We get questions on a regular basis. The most frequently asked ones we want to share with you.

Does couples therapy always work?

No couples therapy is a miracle tool. A relationship consists of two unique individuals and therefore no two relationships are the same. When both partners take couples therapy seriously and are willing to spend time on it, you have the best chance of success.

How long does couples therapy last?

A couples therapy has no end date, because as long as you have a relationship you keep building it. Because negative patterns are broken, things get easier and easier and you continue to grow as a person. To complete the basic online couples therapy you will need a minimum of 3 months.

Why does each step have a lead time?

The idea is to let everything sink in, take time to reflect, write down your thoughts and feelings, and then move on. It’s not a fill-in-the-blank exercise, it’s about asking yourself what you want, feel and expect.

Do we still need to see a physical couples therapist?

Your Love’s DIY couples therapy is made so that you don’t need a physical couples therapist. By thoroughly living and feeling through all the steps, you will get closer and closer to yourself to grow into a better partner and thus build your relationship.

What is the effect on me as an individual?

The beauty of the methodology of YOUR LOVE is that you grow as a human being. You get to know and understand yourself better.

Ask questions

If you still have questions about the therapy, you may always ask your relationship coach.
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