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The DIY Couples Therapy is made so that you can follow it independently, whenever and wherever you want. If there are questions about the therapy, you can ask the coach by email or WhatsApp (free of charge). After logging in, you will follow the first steps individually and then proceed to the steps together. Therapy is also used for reflecting on your self.

In the first steps, you look at yourself to go deeper and deeper. In this way you will gain insight into the (underlying) causes of the relationship problems, who you are, what you want and what you expect from your partner in the relationship.

Each step is clearly explained what the intention is and what the action points are. You write down the answers to questions or considerations so you can look back later. Over time, you are prepared for the partner conversations so that you can articulate what the “areas for improvement” are. From couples therapy, where necessary, you are given insights and tools to build on the relationship.


For $179 you both have one year of access to Your Love’s Online DIY Couples Therapy.

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