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Brandon and Jo-Ann, Albuquerque, NM USA

With the help of Your Love’s online couples therapy, we are doing much better now. We notice it in everything. We have decided to move forward together. I definitely recommend the therapy because it has helped us tremendously. It has a nice line in the build-up: from nothing to something. I found the online modules very valuable. All that gave an even better insight and you also learn from as a person.

Hailey, Renfrew, CAN

Our relationship had been practically devoid of intimacy, sex and affection for six years. After dozens of books, therapists and workshops, I had almost given up. Until a friend suggested Your Love to me. Since working with the online Couples Therapy, the changes have been incredible. What we have learned has brought us closer together than ever.

Nora, Parramatta, AUS

However, I don’t want to lose my relationship. During online Couples Therapy, I gained insights into our relationship, despite the fact that my partner didn’t want to know about relationship therapy. I now know exactly what not to do and say anymore. I also learned skills on how to do it. Things are going very well between us now. I am glad that this small investment has brought us so much.

Olivia, Bridgewater, NY USA

My husband’s cheating initially reinforced my own insecurities. And it probably would have only gone downhill without couples therapy. Or it would have taken a very long time before I got to where I am today. This experience ended up making me more confident with the help of online couples therapy. Whatever life will bring me, I know I can handle it.

Catherine and Andy, Warrington UK

At first I followed the therapy alone, but later Andy became curious about it too. We were good friends with each other, though. But we were missing “something. And as is common to think that with time all relationships lose passion, we too thought this was something, which we had to accept. Without the therapy, we were still living in frustration and destructive behavior. You know you can feel something, but it doesn’t happen to the person you care about. But that’s not how it has to be. Sometimes I still look back in my notes and am glad I took the first step. Thank you Your Love!

Anderson, Chula Vista, CA USA

I love my partner very much, but he is always very jealous. This had a negative impact on our relationship. He was always very suspicious and wanted to know what I was doing and where I was. Looking for a solution, I found Your Love’s online Relationship Therapy. My boyfriend also thought it was a good idea to go through this relationship therapy because he was not happy with our relationship either. Through Your Love’s online Couples Therapy we found out where the cause was and were able to work on a solution together. It really is a very good therapy to work on yourself and your relationship. Now it is already going a lot better. All in all a very pleasant therapy for very little money.

Edith, Basingstoke UK

Our relationship was a fine stable relationship. We did many things together and we complemented each other. Nevertheless, even in good relationships there are always things you can work on. So too with us. Online Couples Therapy is the perfect therapy to do this. At your own pace and whenever you want. By going through the different steps you will gain insight into yourself and your relationship. You learn where you can still “improve” but most of all you learn a lot about yourself. For me, online Couples Therapy has shown me who I am, what I want and what is important to me. If you know that, your relationship will only get better, because every relationship starts with yourself. I highly recommend Your Love’s online Couples Therapy!
Reviews about Your Love
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