'Solving relationship problems'

Couples therapy at home? YOUR LOVE’s online couples therapy will learn how to solve your relationship problems.
You may ask questions about the couples therapy to the regular relationship coach.
You follow the couples therapy at home at your own pace. In this way it becomes clear ‘IF‘ a ‘SAME‘ is possible and ‘HOW‘.
For $ 125, you both have one year unlimited access to the therapy.

Who can do the at home couples therapy themselves?

Any couple with a high school education or higher is able to solve relationship problems with YOUR LOVE’s at home couples therapy.

Couples therapy at home with no pressure

Our at home couples therapy helps you gain more insight into areas for improvement. It is considered pleasant that there is no time pressure and you have the flexibility to follow the therapy if you can keep your full attention.

Benefits of YOUR LOVE's at home couples therapy?

Independence: At YOUR LOVE, we believe in your ability as a couple to build your relationship on your own. You don’t have to go to a relationship therapist (anymore). This saves you a lot of time, energy and stress. There is no need for physical travel and no obligation to complete assignments that are discussed in the next session.
Privacy: Doing couples therapy yourself offers the opportunity to build the relationship in a familiar environment without the presence of a third person. This promotes openness and honesty and lowers the threshold for sharing deepest feelings with each other.
In-depth exploration: You learn a lot about yourself, what you expect your partner to do and what you expect from the relationship. You will have the opportunity to talk candidly about your concerns, fears and expectations while discovering new ways to strengthen the relationship.
Bonding: Our self-help couples therapy is designed to bring you closer together as a couple. You will have the opportunity to work on communication, understanding and emotional connection within the relationship. The goal is to strengthen the bond and build a loving intimate relationship.
Future-oriented: Addressing relationship problems yourself gives you a sense of ownership over your relationship. That way you are not dependent external therapist. Couples therapy strengthens your ability to deal with any obstacles in the future.
Cost-saving: Doing couples therapy yourself means that you save a lot of money on conversations with a relationship therapist. Added to this are any travel expenses and babysitting for the children.
Extra: Through couples therapy, you also engage in self-reflection. This can be confronting, but is therefore also enriching. This helps you live more consciously in the NOW, allowing you to grow as a human being.

How does YOUR LOVE's couples therapy at home work?

YOUR LOVE’s at home couples therapy is easily accessible and user-friendly. You get access to our online platform where you can take the therapy at a time and place that is most convenient for you.
Therapy is step-by-step and specifically designed to explore ways to stay together and improve your relationship.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the therapy to your coach.


Whatever the outcome, you have learned a lot about yourself. The insights are “building blocks” for a happy life, because you too are entitled to happiness in one form or another!


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By whom was Your Love's online couples therapy developed?

The idea of the at home couples therapy came about through the collaboration of EFT couples therapists, cognitive behavioral therapists and Mindfulness therapists. Their years of experience and protocols used are incorporated into our couples therapy.
The best recognition of the quality and accessibility of YOUR LOVE’s couples therapy, is the fact that independent couples therapists recommend our couples therapy to their clients.
couples therapy at home
Building blocks for a loving intimate relationship
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