Maria Devolder

Iets meer over mij

My name is Maria Devolder, 36 years old, located in Belgium (Europe, CET). My working area as an online couples therapist is the USA, Canada and Australia.

Asking questions

Questions about Your Love’s online relationship therapy can be asked at or by WhatsApp. When I receive a question, I try to respond within 8 business hours.

Partner conversations

In online couples therapy, you work step by step toward the partner conversations. If you feel the need, I can guide you through these. Partner conversations are done online via Teams.

Personalized coaching

You may prefer personal coaching. This is possible online through Teams. We use Your Love’s online couples therapy as a guide.
Because we follow the guidance of Your Love, we need less conversations, than in traditional couples therapy.

Fees and Payments

A personal or partner consultation of up to 1,5 hour costs $ 125 you receive a payment link from Your LoveJouw Liefde. After receipt of the payment at Your Love we will schedule the appointment.
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