Is couples therapy expensive?

Is couples therapy expensive?

Is couples therapy expensive? Online couples therapy costs only 10% of what an average traditional couples therapy costs. It helps to address the arguments, lies, infidelity, negativity, disrespect, aggression, lack of understanding, lack of affection and intimacy or rut.
In the English and Dutch-speaking parts of the world, more than 40,000 couples annually choose the online couples therapy of Your Love. After going through the therapy, 83.6% continue as a couple. (see reviews).


Your Love’s online couples therapy can be done independently, at your own pace. Step by step, it becomes clear ‘IF’ a ‘SAME’ is (still) possible and ‘HOW’ you can achieve this.
If there are any questions about the therapy while going through the online couples therapy, you may ask your coach at no charge.


It starts with ordering the online couples therapy.  After payment you will receive a login code and the contact information of your relationship coach within 5 minutes. With this information, you can start the online relationship therapy right away.

What does online couples therapy cost?

For $179, you and your partner have one year of unlimited access to Your Love’s online couples therapy and the guidance of your relationship coach.

Prefer counseling by coach (additional)?

In addition to online couples therapy, it is possible to go through one or more steps together or individually under the guidance of your relationship coach. Engaging your relationship coach is possible right from the start or after going through one or more steps.
The rate for the conversations with your relationship coach is $143 per session of up to 1.5 hours. You pay this directly to your relationship coach.

Costs only 10% of an average couples therapy

How do we come up at the 10% of an average couples therapy? We can best answer this question with an example. A man calls a couples therapist because his wife is having an extramarital affair. For the husband, at that point, his wife’s cheating is “The” marriage problem. They meet for a consultation, introduce themselves and the therapist asks a few questions. During the conversation it becomes clear that the wife’s cheating is just a manifestation of the real marriage problems. Addressing this requires individual and joint sessions to get everything clear. Thus, 15 sessions are soon needed, during which you need to visit the therapist each time. A good couples therapist can easily cost $125 per session. Travel expenses and time are not included. If you add this up, online couples therapy of Your Love costs about 10% of the average therapy. The questions the couples therapist asks are incorporated into the online couples therapy along with tools for solutions.


Do you have questions about the structure of online couples therapy? Ask them via WhatsApp to our coaches.
Is couples therapy expensive? What is your relationship worth? It’s about Your Love
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