Best online couples therapy

Best online couples therapy? The fights, lies, infidelity, negativity, disrespect, aggression, the lack of understanding, lack of affection and intimacy or drudgery, you are completely done with it. Something needs to change in your relationship. Your Love’s online couples therapy can help.
In the English and Dutch-speaking parts of the world, more than 40,000 couples annually choose the online couples therapy of Your Love. After going through the therapy, 83.6% continue as a couple. (see reviews).

Clarity through couples therapy

Your Love’s online couples therapy can be done independently, at your own pace. Step by step, it becomes clear ‘IF’ a ‘SAME’ is (still) possible and ‘HOW’ you can achieve this.
If there are any questions about the therapy while going through the online couples therapy, you may ask your coach at no charge.

Starting online couples therapy?

After payment you will receive a login code and the contact information of your relationship coach within 5 minutes. With this information, you can start the online relationship therapy right away.

What does online couples therapy cost?

For $179, you and your partner have one year of unlimited access to Your Love’s online couples therapy and the guidance of your coach.

Prefer counseling by relationship coach?

In addition to online couples therapy, it is possible to go through one or more steps together or individually under the guidance of your relationship coach. Engaging your relationship coach is possible right from the start or after going through one or more steps.
The rate for the conversations with your relationship coach is $ 143 per session of up to 1.5 hours. You pay this directly to your relationship coach.


Do you have questions about the structure of online couples therapy? Ask them via WhatsApp to our service desk staff.

Results of online couples therapy

There are three possible outcomes of couples therapy. You believe in each other and want to address the pain points to be able to build a lasting, loving, intimate relationship from a healthy grounding. A relationship where the balance between trust, attention and tension allows intimacy to grow (83,6%).
When no more together is possible, you know you have done everything possible. In the end, you are left with two options, a respectful “marriage of convenience” or divorce.
Whatever the outcome, you have learned a lot about yourself. The insights are ‘building blocks’ for a happy life, because you too are entitled to happiness!
best online couples therapy
Loving intimate relationship

Questions and answers

Over the years, we have had many questions about online couples therapy. The answers to the questions will give you an insight into the origins and workings of Your Love’s online relationship therapy.

Is the future of couples therapy online?

The future of couples therapy is online, Covid has shown. Your Love’s online couples therapy is central to this as a guide, even for professionals. Being online makes the relationship therapy more sustainable, more flexible, cheaper and more powerful.
More powerful comes primarily because the partners actively engage in couples therapy at times when they can fully focus. This creates more depth and insight into their own and the partner’s functioning within the relationship.

Where is the origin of Your Love's online relationship therapy?

Your Love’s couples therapy is based on methodologies such as EFT, CBCT and IBCT supplemented by consciousness insights. Due to policy changes at health insurance companies, relationship problems as a primary complaint are no longer reimbursed. Thus, the need arose for an affordable couples therapy that is accessible to all. According to experts, Your Love’s online couples therapy is the most complete and affordable alternative to the much more expensive traditional couples therapies. Online couples therapy costs only 10% of an average traditional couples therapy.
Traditional couples therapy starts from an intake interview followed by joint and individual sessions with the couples coach. Home exercises and regular conversations with the relationship therapist are part of traditional relationship therapy.
EFT as a couples therapy focuses on emotions and feelings to explore and, where possible, resolve relationship problems. EFT is less suitable for relationships where communication or psychological problems are underlying. For this, elements from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBCT and IBCT) and mindful thinking have been added.
  • EFT = Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • CBCT = Cognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy
  • IBCT = Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy

Is online couples therapy a threat to the traditional couples therapists?

You can use Your Love’s online couples therapy without the need for a couples therapist. Worldwide, there are more couples in need of couples therapy than there are couples therapists. Regardless of the fact that Your Love’s online couples therapy is real therapy, it contains a common thread. Traditional couples therapists are increasingly using online couples therapy as a guide to pass along to their clients. The great advantage is that online couples therapy allows clients to clearly articulate where the origin of the relationship problems are, what the background is and how they think they can address it.

Why do traditional couples therapists choose Your Love's online couples therapy?

As a couples therapist, you may choose to have only a few conversations with your clients in which you primarily listen. If, as a couples therapist, you want to have a greater impact on the success of a relationship, then referring them to Your Love’s online couples therapy is a logical step.

What is the basic idea behind Your Love's online couples therapy?

The ultimate thing Your Love’s couples therapy aims to achieve is to create an intimate loving relationship in which both partners feel loved, valued and respected.

What is Your Love's approach like?

Online couples therapy lets both partners look at themselves first. Where am I coming from, what do I want, what do I expect from my partner and from my relationship or marriage? This is based on the idea that both partners are willing to take a critical look at themselves as well.
By working on themselves, they are building their relationship!

Why do good relationships begin with yourself?

Why is it just not because of the other person? Many people hope or expect the other person to change because “then our relationship or marriage will get better.” Only that other person often doesn’t change. You have little influence on that, but you do have influence on yourself. Through self-knowledge and self-insight (including your blind spots) you automatically improve your relationships with others.
If you look closely, you will see that relationships always go well when there is little direction. In other words, there is no need to change the other person. You accept the other person and can be yourself at the same time. In difficult relationships, there is always steering. One of the partners wants to keep the other partner small, impose the will, change, hold back or control.

More explanation of the loving intimate relationship?

The question “How do you get a loving intimate relationship?” explained the balance between trust, attention and tension which leads to intimacy. This all sounds nice, but what does it mean concretely? In the following questions, we explore this in more detail.

What is the effect of tension?

Tension in a relationship that works well refers to positive and negative tension. Positive tension can arise when you are attractive to each other. Negative tension can arise when distance arises, because you take care of yourself or when you are not comfortable in your own skin. This is not always fun for your partner, but it is essential for you to remain yourself (authentic).
You start a relationship because you somehow have something to offer each other. Your partner-to-be has something you find attractive and this is also true the other way around. These are often multiple traits.
When you find someone attractive, you almost automatically pay attention to that person. This attention then causes you to listen carefully to each other and try to solve problems you encounter. This grows trust in each other, which in turn is attractive. The positive tension this creates is the driver of a relationship. So it is important to be and remain attractive to each other.
Attractiveness changes over the years, which is highly dependent on your stage of life. Attractiveness gives a perception of partner feeling which is also called connection.
In addition to being attractive to each other, it is important that both partners are not stressed and are comfortable in their own skin. This requires relaxation. A relaxed and laid-back partner springs along, while a stressed partner often creates negative tension in the relationship.
The tension that occurs because you sometimes clash with your partner does not have to be negative if both partners accept that this can occur from time to time with the emphasis on “from time to time”. If there are frequent conflicts, it makes sense to deal with them. A little distance can cause the built-up tension to ease back a bit. This can be seen that partners can take care of their own happiness and not depend on the partner for this.

More explanation of attention?

By attention we mean sincere attention. The attention for each other has mainly to do with the feeling that you are there for each other and therefore that there is genuine interest in each other. You feel that you come first with each other, although sometimes issues can arise here if children are part of the relationship. A mother will usually always put her children first.
To pay deeper attention to each other, you need to stop and sincerely listen to each other.
Deeper attention is found, for example, in looking at each other to confirm that you have really seen each other, touching to let each other know that you are there for each other, smiling to make it a little lighter for each other, listening carefully to show that you are not alone, asking through to help each other further and all the other things you do to show each other that you see and appreciate each other. You do this through verbal and nonverbal cues. You do this by talking, but also by using body language. What matters is the quality of the moments together and not the quantity of attention.
Sincere attention within the relationship usually ensures that you enjoy being together and this also fuels partner love.

More explanation about trust?

When talking to adults about trust within a relationship, people often think about not cheating. This contributes to mutual trust, but when there is trust in the relationship, it goes much further. For example:

How does Your Love's online couples therapy work?

Your Love’s online couples therapy is not a “quick fix. Problems have often been there for years and need to be thoroughly addressed to avoid falling back into old interaction patterns.

How long does it take?

How long couples therapy takes depends a lot on how important you think it is. If you really want to go for it, then spend more time in saving your relationship. For example, one couple may be completely happy after 3 months and another couple may still not have a clear understanding of where the problems are after a year. Actually, couples therapy never stops as long as a relationship lasts. Is it necessary to order online couples therapy every time? No, during therapy you take notes that you can read back.

Is online couples therapy always helpful?

Online couples therapy is the solution in 83,6% of couples to move forward with each other. Even in couples where one of the partners was skeptical or negative at first.

After time-out?

Did you break up and after some time there is a desire from both partners to continue together? Then it is highly recommended to first follow the online couples therapy.
The couples therapy helps prevent you from falling back into old negative interaction patterns, which can once again lead to a breakup.
The best online couples therapy? It’s about Your Love!
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